Be a change catalyst for a more inclusive, beautiful, and compassionate world.

Become a Seribelle affiliate today and join our unique Seribelle Community of passionate change catalysts, or what we like to call ourselves: cocoon change catalysts. If you want to be part of our impactful mission to support local farmers, bring silk-inspired natural products to the world, and unleash your potential as an entrepreneur, connect with us today!

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Seribelle Affiliate Benefits

Earn Additional Income

As a Seribelle affiliate, you are an exclusive distributor of all Seribelle products. You can earn extra income through selling Seribelle products in your community at no additional cost.

Join Our Financing Program

Affiliates have the chance to be a part of our special financing program, where we pay for all you inventory costs. You don’t need to pay for anything upfront! Simply pay for the products after you have sold them, and you keep 100% of the profits. We believe in supporting our entrepreneurs and creating equal opportunities for everyone.

Be Your Own Boss

We supply you with all the resources and support you need to run your own business. Gain access to our affiliates portal for exclusive product and business training and other benefits. Enjoy the freedom of deciding your own work schedule and the number of products you want to sell each month.

Be a change catalyst.
Become a Seribelle Affiliate.

Join our mission in creating a more inclusive, beautiful, and compassionate world.